It's not a simple matter, each job is different. But we are competitive.


There are many factors that go into pricing for our rentals and removal services. All businesses have to make a profit to survive and also adequately provide a quality service, and we are no exception to that reality.

After a hurricane, our prices are lowered for a period of time. Normally, we try to charge a reasonable rate while still being able to make a profit. Prices are lowest in Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, Bunnell, and other parts of Flagler County.

Each job is different with regard to:

  • Weight of cargo.
  • The type of trailer required for the job.
  • The time it takes to complete the job..
  • How many helping hands are required, if any.
  • Mandatory dump fees or other extraneous fees.
  • How many miles we have to drive.
  • What our competitors would charge.

Call Trailer Bob at 386-585-2971 and with a little information, he can give you a fast, reliable quote. Even if you are researching and aren't sure what company you are going to use, you can still call us for a quote. We prepare quotes designed specifically for your needs!


Call Trailer Bob at 386-585-2971 for a quote on your specific job.

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